Through advanced AI models optimized for image and video analysis, AI Vision helps customers to increase profitability by putting quality and efficiency first.

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We at AI Vision help companies automate their production workflows by training AI models on video and image data to detect anomalies. When things go wrong in production and logistics, it can quickly become costly – whether it's due to machine errors or human factors. To prevent downtime and guarantee high product quality, manual inspection is often required. We at AI Vision possess extensive knowledge in Artificiell Intelligens and Computer Vision , enabling us to automate this work and act accordingly.

With the latest advancements in AI, we deliver cost savings and increased efficiency. When fewer faulty components need to be replaced, both transportation costs and environmental impact decrease. Simultaneously, the efficiency of the production workflow increases as operators are relieved of their daily tasks. Through a synergy between cameras and AI models trained to detect deviations tailored to the customer's needs, stressful and sometimes monotonous work tasks are eliminated. Work can instead be invested in other crucial aspects of the business. It's a winning strategy for everyone.

AI Vision - Plankor i ett produktionsflöde

How does it work?

Our vision systems utilize standard IP cameras. Artificial Intelligence forms the cognitive component of the system, capable of analyzing and comprehending visual data from the camera and its implications for your operations. By employing AI and object detection, the system has the capacity to interpret and assess various situations by learning from examples within your operation. Consequently, we have the ability to resolve problematic situations that traditional vision systems cannot manage.

AI Vision specializes in applying the latest research to meet specific business needs. The core of our expertise lies in Deep Learning, allowing us to customize our systems for various purposes. We offer a complete system solution that includes all necessary aspects: web interface, statistical reports, and hardware integrations, fully tailored to individual needs and preferences.


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