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We assist windshield repair shops in reducing the occurrence of incorrect bookings by automatically providing recommendations for actions regarding damaged car windows.

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A damaged car window is never fun. It often needs to be repaired to avoid the risk of the crack getting bigger. Without any prior experience, it's very difficult to determine how severe the damage is and what type of repair is needed. For example, if a customer schedules a windshield replacement and it turns out that a repair would have been sufficient, it not only becomes an annoyance for the customer but also costly for the workshop, which ordered a new windshield unnecessarily.

AI Vision has built a trained AI model that solves this. With a unique set of images, the model is trained to recognize windshield damages and offer guidance on the necessary course of action. 

How does it work?

  • The customer takes a picture of their damaged car window by placing their index finger next to the damage in the image.
  • The customer uploads the picture, which is then forwarded to our environment.
  • Our AI model classifies the image and recommends a course of action.

The customer then schedules an appointment based on the recommendation.


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