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We automate quality control and inspection, detect production and logistics deviations, and highlight risky incidents.
"The cost of the AI was recouped within three to four months through reduced downtime costs. Now, we are looking into additional locations where we will make similar implementations.".
Sven-Erik Andersson, Chief Information Officer, Fiskarheden AB

Enhancing Sawmill Process Flow

To achieve good profitability, timber must flow continuously through the sawmill. Often, timber ends up in the wrong place due to factors such as double feeding or skewed logs on conveyors.

Downtime eats up valuable time, and monitoring becomes a stressful task for operators. Production issues that are not promptly detected and addressed quickly worsen. In the worst-case scenario, expensive machine parts are worn out.

AI Vision's system utilizes standard IP cameras to monitor the conveyor belts in sawmills. Each timber log or board is tracked in real-time. If timber ends up where it shouldn't be, based on the rules set by the business, the system automatically alerts operators and stops the machines so that the issues can be resolved.

By warning and stopping in time, overall downtime is reduced, leading to higher profitability in the mill. At the same time, the need for monitoring decreases, and the occupied operators free up time for other tasks.


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