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We automate quality control and inspection, detect production and logistics deviations, and highlight risky incidents.

Enhancing Packaging Process

In factories with complex orders, it's crucial to pack correctly to ensure that the box or pallet contains what the customer has ordered. However, it's easy for one of the many components to be missed, and it's costly to double-check the packing process.

Mistakes during packing can result in high costs for shipping replacement items and after-sales work dealing with complaints.

AI Vision's system utilizes standard IP cameras to monitor the packing of boxes in real-time. The system automatically loads production orders from the ERP system, allowing all items or parts that should be included in the order to be checked off. If the boxes are not packed according to the rules set by your business, the system automatically alerts operators and halts the packing process so that the issues can be resolved.

By warning and stopping in time, the packing process becomes more efficient and secure. Operators can work faster while still ensuring that the correct parts are packed. Additionally, everything that is packed is documented, making after-sales work much smoother.


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