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We automate quality control and inspection, detect production and logistics deviations, and highlight risky incidents.

Enhancing Surface Treatment

For spray-painted wooden details or powder-coated metal, it's crucial that the surface treatment process is flawless down to the smallest detail. It's easy for one of the many surfaces to be treated incorrectly, and it's costly to manually double-check the surface treatment process.

Mistakes in surface treatment result in quality issues, and the costs of redoing the incorrect detail can be very high if the error is not detected promptly. Additionally, monitoring is almost impossible with human resources alone.

We use advanced cameras to monitor the surface treatment in real-time. Microscopic marks and scratches are identified, and operators are promptly notified about which of the many details need correction.

By warning in time, the surface treatment process becomes more efficient, which has implications for the entire production thereafter. Operators can work faster while still ensuring that no microscopic defects slip through.


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